Pablo RecaDesigner/Animator

Pablo is a conceptual designer, illustrator and animator with an open-minded approach to creative problem solving.

Clients enjoy collaborating with him to develop dynamic and memorable work that translates perfectly from print to digital and vice versa.

With six years industry experience, Pablo’s diverse skill set encourages our clients to explore new ideas and achieve unexpected and rewarding outcomes.


  • Creating engaging explainer animations, bespoke vector illustrations, and brand identities
  • Conceptual thinker, comfortable working in print, online and in 3D
  • Developing solutions for clients like the EBRD, IsDB, Instituto Lynch, SuckUK and the London Illustration Fair.

All time favourite piece of design? Cowboy Bebop is a Japanese anime from 1998. It’s not just the animation but also the design, the music, the intro, the landscapes… I find it all very inspiring.
Most proud of? London Underdown, a personal project I worked on with a friend making illustrations and animations based on the Tube that we would later screen print and sell online and at illustration fairs.
All time hero? Quentin Tarantino, the American film maker and actor. Revered by fans and critics alike and called “the single most influential director of his generation”.
Guilty secret? Banana-mayo sandwich… beyond delicious.
Expert tip? Read and understand the brief.

I’ve been to some fascinating places; the Upper Fall in Yosemite, the streets of Habana… but my favourite is still Caños de Meca, in Spain.

It’s crucial to play Hector Lavoe if you are about to do some screen-printing.

“Pepito” and “Chicken” are always watching my back.