Clare RitchiePartner and client services director

Clare facilitates all aspects of Blackwood’s business. As well as building relationships with new clients, she project manages our big projects and always takes a strategic approach to help clients break new ground.

A forensic attention to detail combined with years of customer service and strategic communications experience means that, with Clare, our company – and our clients – are in safe hands.  There’s no one Clare doesn’t know, and she instinctively understands where to find the information and contacts a client needs.


  • Strategic communications specialist with finely honed relationship and project management skills
  • Rich and comprehensive experience gained from FTSE 100 companies to public sector government bodies
  • Proven targeted client service support for EBRD, Prudential, B&CE, Brighton and Hove City Council, European Social Survey and Lives & Livelihoods Fund.

The various responsibilities that I have at Blackwood suits me down to the ground. I love learning new things. Just when I think I’m on top of everything, I’ll find myself needing to learn a new process.

All time favourite piece of design? Christo Lloyd’s garden at Great Dixter.
Most proud of? When people compliment my children – oh, and our recent Blackwood showreel.
All time hero? Margaret Hamilton. She worked in the 1960s for NASA and hand wrote code for the Apollo space programme. It was thanks to her that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were able to land on the moon.
Guilty secret? Sudoku.
Expert tip? Don’t start with the end in mind – don’t be focused on the deliverable. The first step of our working model (audit and assess) often means clients end up taking a different route that better suits their needs and audience.

An elite gymnast in her past, Clare now coaches and inspires the next generation.

A serial book reader who can be found lurking in any reputable bookshop, Clare still hosts our book club, Black Books, at our studio.

Clare is qualified in horticulture and particularly enjoyed the tractor driving module.