Jon BrainWebsite developer

Jon has more than a decade of experience in web development, and before that worked in corporate IT. At the tender age of 13 he taught himself programming so he could write computer games. Some years down the line his in-depth programming and digital knowledge is now being put to good use creating beautiful and functional websites.

With his aesthetic eye and comprehensive knowledge of front- and back-end web development technologies, Jon works seamlessly with Jez, translating his designs into working websites. Happy managing projects and liaising with clients, Jon is always requested by name by clients who know him.


  • Taking the lead on digital projects and building clever online solutions using a range of technologies
  • Always adopting a user-centric approach, creating solutions that are accessible, responsive and optimised for search
  • Creating innovative websites for clients ranging from the EBRD to Red Bull, Skype, East Midlands Trains, Sisters Hospitallers and Derren Brown.

Creating a website shouldn’t be a mystical ‘dark art’. I start by talking to a client and understanding what they want their new site to do. They don’t have the time to learn about, and operate, a complex content management system. It’s all about making it user-friendly from the outset.

All time favourite piece of design? The London Underground map.
Most proud of? All the travelling I’ve done. Experiencing new places has its own rewards.
All time hero? Jack Dangers, the British electronic musician, DJ and producer. He’s always pushing audio and visual boundaries.
Guilty secret? I’ve been known to watch the occasional episode of Star Trek…
Expert tip? Don’t forget that content editors are important users of your website – your website’s content management system should be easy for them to operate, and not expect them to know how to code.

Jon can spot a bargain, but met his match in Vietnam’s Sapa Highlands.

When not creating stunning websites, Jon can be found ‘off piste’ with wife Cathie.

A seasoned traveller, Jon has walked much of the Great Wall of China (though he’s sketchy about exactly how far he went).