Communicating the power of three


A new and innovative global initiative needs an impactful animation to explain how it works as well as to attract more participants. Blackwood created a clear, simple and effective short animation to showcase the ground-breaking work of the Global Partnership Initiative on Effective Triangular Co-operation (GPI).


The GPI is a new way for countries and organisations to work together to overcome challenges and drive development for mutual benefit, and with the overall aim of bringing people out of poverty. The initiative sees partners work together in threes, with each taking a different role – as facilitator, pivotal partner or beneficiary.

The GPI is being spearheaded by Canada, the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), Japan, Mexico, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation, and the UN Office for South-South Co-operation. As Blackwood has created a number of successful animations for the IsDB, we were asked to create a simple, eye-catching animation to explain the initiative. This would be used at international events to attract more organisations to join the GPI.


Blackwood wrote, storyboarded, illustrated and animated a 3 minute 30 second video in English for the client. As the GPI is a new initiative, there were few pre-existing assets to use, so we took our inspiration for the visual approach from the GPI logo – combining it with the character style that we had used for other IsDB projects.

If you’re keen to produce an animation, the best thing to do is to go for it! The process isn’t difficult. We don’t use smoke and mirrors – just a good brief.


Animation is a simple, yet effective, way to showcase any new initiative, while developing and enhancing brand identity. Our animation for the GPI is an instantly appealing piece that conveys the key elements of the initiative, as well as its benefits to participants. When the animation was launched at an international meeting in April 2018, it was extremely well received by delegates. The GPI is still in its early stages, but we look forward to continuing to support its important and far-reaching work.