Rowan RitchieWriter/Researcher

Rowan provides expert environmental insight. His knowledge of biodiversity management, environmental inequalities and global energy policy are a tangible asset to Blackwood projects aligned to the SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals).

Clients benefit from his forensic approach to research data and gathering detailed and strategic project relevant analysis.

With a BA in Environmental studies and studying for an MSC in global energy and climate policy, Rowan already has extensive knowledge of climate change, environmental management, and biodiversity as well as knowledge of the social and economic impacts that relate to the global environment.


  • Specialist in environmental report and article writing
  • Expert at research and developing climate and environmental mitigation strategies
  • Proficient in biodiversity management, environmental inequalities and global energy policy.

As I further my career in climate and energy policy, I continue to convey the importance of the natural world and our need to conserve it.

All time favourite piece of design? Gunther Kieser’s album art for Jimi Hendrix – a classic of its time.
Most proud of? When I push myself outside of my comfort zone… like trekking through the jungles of Borneo.
All time hero? Robert Falcon Scott- The arctic explorer who met tragedy whilst trying to reach the unknown.
Guilty secret? My guitars.
Expert tip? If you become overwhelmed, take a step back and focus on the core objectives of your task.

Born in London with an obsession with the natural environment, I try and immerse myself in the outdoors as much as I can.

From camping in the Peak District to trekking in the jungles of Borneo, I manage the bustling city life of London with the thrill of the wild.