Transitions big and small


Over the past 12 years, we have worked with the EBRD to develop and refine their annual Transition Report, including the introduction of an interactive website to bring their data to life and make it more accessible to a wider, more diverse audience.


The EBRD seeks to foster the transition into an open market-oriented economy, and to promote entrepreneurship in the economies where it invests. The brief for the Transition Report has been consistent over the years: take the core themes and findings of the report and create a relevant, insightful and visually engaging print publication and website for a multinational audience.


The introduction of a fully-interactive website – – has enabled us to promote EBRD’s stories and share their data effectively with audiences around the world. Complementing the print report, the website offers an intuitive user experience and greater flexibility in accessing and understanding detailed country-specific data.

Our use of Highcharts, an industry-standard interactive charting software, means we are able to maintain the integrity of the Bank’s data while making it more accessible, understandable and downloadable.

The impressive results are testament to the EBRD’s confidence in Blackwood, which gives us the flexibility to pursue new ideas and break new ground.

Clare Ritchie
Client Services Director, Blackwood

Recent Transition Reports have been created as fully integrated print and digital campaigns including a website optimised for viewing on mobile devices. Interactive and exportable data charts and maps bring the online content to life while the bookmarking functionality enables users to more easily navigate their way around the site and come back to particular areas of interest.

We deliver a more rounded user experience through the inclusion of promotional animations, a coordinated launch presentation and a user-friendly social media campaign.

Our work is innovative and practical. Animations offer an alternative to traditional printed publications and continue to prove a popular way to launch the main report, while an enriched website offers increased global visibility and reach.


Our approach to the EBRD’s Transition Report demonstrates how we can enhance a client’s communications strategy and brand. Moving away from a reliance on printed publications has reduced the cost per reader by around 60% and a total project cost reduction of more than 15%. Greater access to the online space has led to a global audience gain of 160%+.

This has only been possible due to the trusting relationship that Blackwood has developed with the EBRD, helping us to understand the needs, appetites and ambitions of the Bank to better communicate, challenge and cooperate with European and global stakeholders on economic development.