Shining a light on empowerment


Every day, women and girls around the world face serious consequences for their lack of access to clean and reliable energy. Our thought provoking animation for the Islamic Development Bank presents these human stories creatively and with sensitivity.


We were tasked to develop an animation showing the challenges faced by women and young people within their member countries and how when women have access to energy, lives and livelihoods improve. Our storyboard shows how women are not only users of energy but also have a key role to play in the overall energy sector and can help transform the entire sector, as energy entrepreneurs, innovators and decision makers.


Each of our animations tells a unique human story. Our creative studio devised the scripts and developed a set of warm and engaging animated ‘characters’. A wealth of ideas was distilled down into four beautiful and high-impact women-centric films.

‘Design for positive change’ is central to what we do and believe in and the whole team is proud to have played an active part in promoting women’s empowerment.

Clare Ritchie
Client Services Director, Blackwood


IsDB’s projects improve the lives of women, their families and communities across the Bank’s regions of operation. Presented during selected external stakeholder events these films continue to raise awareness of gender-inclusive empowerment solutions.