Promoting technical cooperation


Animation is a powerful communication tool - as our recent work for IsDB clearly demonstrates. It can capture audience attention and has the ability to inform, narrate, explain and be memorable.


Back in 2013 IsDB introduced the Reverse Linkage Mechanism, an enhanced form of technical cooperation between countries of the global south. Since 2015 Blackwood have been supporting the Bank on projects across a variety of media. Over the years we helped the specialist IsDB project teams to develop a dynamic and recognisable Reverse Linkage identity. This time our brief was to develop a short and engaging animation that successfully captures Reverse Linkage’s long-term performance while simultaneously enhancing the existing look and feel.


The strategic challenges and themes of Reverse Linkage can sometimes be hard to convey. Animation allowed us to distil a wealth of complex background material into an accessible message. Key achievements and milestones were brought to life through real-life IsDB video footage combined with engaging graphics and animated statistics.

A particular highlight was our dynamic typographic transitions that we created to open and close the film.

It’s great when a client trusts you enough to let you to flex your creativity through their brand. Luckily for us IsDB is that client.

Andy Ritchie
Creative Director, Blackwood


The finished animation is fresh and interesting and successfully promotes the benefits of cross-border technical cooperation. Launched during a key stakeholder event this short film perfectly captures the long-term aims and objectives of the Reverse Linkage Mechanism and its ongoing role in helping IsDB member countries achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.