Knowing your audience


The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) is an internationally recognised bank, with nearly 60 member countries. Our ongoing partnership underpins their global reporting output resulting in flagship print and online publications regularly launching on the international stage.


The IsDB has been an important client for many years. Working together we developed a comprehensive creative brief and suggested ways to shape the core narrative, highlighting key themes that would add impact, gravitas and usability. We developed a suite of reports that truly resonate with IsDB’s diverse audience groups and communicate effectively across multiple business regions.


Our highly visual new look for 2022 emphasises the impact of the Bank’s region of operations. This year we focused on the report’s key narrative by combining people and data together into bespoke and engaging chapter illustrations. We are experts in designing for the three core IsDB business languages – English, Arabic and French.

A bite size summary of the main report, the Digest always proves very popular with readers. Equally useful is the QR Card which is an invaluable stakeholder engagement tool.

Our flexible design templates mean we are able to accommodate a variety of copy lengths and typographic styles. Curating culturally appropriate photography and using it in harmony with bold coloured graphics proved key to the overall success of the final design’s interpretation and global appeal.

New for 2022 is our fully responsive reporting website. Designed and built entirely by the Blackwood studio this online tool is a perfect way to promote the annual report to an ever growing global audience.

Designing this high profile global report is a challenge we relish… deadlines always come thick and fast! Now the dust has settled we are chuffed with the final look and the positive impact it has received.

Andy Ritchie
Creative Director, Blackwood


The 2022 Annual Report was successfully launched at IsDB’s Annual Meeting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Working across multiple linked publications, designing three languages and providing tailored assets for event promotion demonstrated yet again what’s possible with a clear vision and targeted strategy and why our project team is so highly regarded.