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The UAE's State of Energy Report 2022-23 is our first project with the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure and was launched as part of the Second Emirates Energy Forum in Abu Dhabi.


In 2022 the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure enlisted Blackwood to design, edit and produce their State of Energy Report, showcasing the range of ground-breaking projects and developments across the UAE in the areas of renewable energy, sustainability and green infrastructure. The report is designed to reach a regional and global audience of energy organisations, sector stakeholders, governmental bodies and experts, providing an authoritative and inspirational narrative.


This report is a significant part of the UAE’s ambition to spread awareness of their groundbreaking work scaling up energy efficiency and driving efforts in renewable energy. We wanted to create a report that reflected the bigger picture, highlighting the initiatives being undertaken across the UAE to move towards a greener economy. We understood that the visual presentation of the report was as significant as its content in positioning the UAE as a world leader in the drive to net-zero energy by 2050.

Our approach: We knew the report had to be authoritative, informative and distinctive, and we worked to create a visual language and design which was both bold and sophisticated to support and reflect this ambition. We drafted and submitted creative concepts, worked with our client’s inhouse team to refine and develop a unique visual approach, assembled eye-catching images and designed and crafted unique icons, infographics and illustrations to support the central messaging of the report.

One major goal was ensuring that the finished report had a unified voice, so we paid close attention to the writing style and ‘tone of voice’. Throughout the preparation process of this detailed, 250-page document, Blackwood served as a responsive point of contact, compiling and reformulating inputs from the various stakeholders participating in the report.

We carefully drafted the questions that would be submitted to the various VIPs interviewed in the report, to form the basis for the articles within the report. Clare Ritchie, Blackwood’s Client Services Director, attended ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi, to speak in person to some of the more senior figures whose input helped shape the report’s contents.

We were equally focused on ensuring that the data used was of the highest quality. We contributed to the preparation of research, provided information and ensured quality control.

We want to sincerely express our appreciation for the report you’ve made with us… the determination you bring to the work has inspired us all. We liked the design, and it exceeded our expectations.

Mozah Mohamed Alnuaimi,
Director of Productivity & Demand Management Department, United Arab Emirates Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure


Blackwood Director’s Clare and Andy were delighted to attend the Second Emirates Energy Forum at Aldar Square in Abu Dhabi. The event brought together local and international stakeholders and thought leaders to accelerate the UAE’s energy transition agenda through devising future-orientated plans and strategies.

The highlight of the event was the release of the UAE State of Energy Report 2022/2023 that offers an overview of the latest developments in the energy sector. Clare and Andy were additionally delighted to receive an award from the UAE’s Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure for Blackwood’s work editing, designing and producing the report.