Charting social change


The European Social Survey (ESS) objectives include the provision of high-quality data and the promotion of the highest scientific standards, both core features of 2022’s Annual Activity Report.


Our long-term working relationship with ESS has resulted in a deep understanding of its position at the forefront of social scientific research. During that time, we have demonstrated a consistently high level of design and production across the many projects we have supported on. The challenge to rethink what’s been before and produce a new look Annual Activity Report that is fresh and dynamic was met with our usual skill and energy.


We are experts at interpreting brand guidelines and extending them where necessary. An in-depth publication audit soon showed us the gaps and gave us the direction to develop the brand identity even more. The introduction of stylised people photography, carefully considered typography and a refreshed colour palette enhanced the look and feel of this flagship ESS report.

Thank you so much for arranging this, and for all your efforts in producing this report. It looks superb.

Stefan Swift
Head of Communications, European Social Survey (ERIC), City, University London


The finished report was shared with key stakeholders and partners in its printed form and as a downloadable web PDF. This latest publication, like those that preceded it, builds on an established identity and once again successfully promotes the ESS brand externally.