Building back better


Our work for some of the world’s pre-eminent MDBs saw us create an animation for the Regional Cooperation and Integration in Asia and the Pacific initiative.


Our brief came from the combined project teams of the IsDB and ADB. The challenge was to develop an animation with a look and feel aligned to the ADB’s existing printed report identity. With multiple partner institutions combining on this project, a balance was reached on the overall product aesthetic and its suitability for the wider institutional global audience.


Our in-house script writer went to work shaping a concise and compelling narrative that we could visualise effectively.

Experts at bringing data to life, our art director and animator developed the storyboard – a sequenced plan of images and actions that informs the intended full-length animation. Once the storyboard was signed off by all stakeholders we set about designing all of the film’s assets.

In our animation the ADB identity became a combination of photography, moving graphics and animated charts. As the animation needed to be narrated we booked one of our preferred voice actors, sent her our final script and managed the virtual recording session. Using the voice recording as our guide we then timed the final animated sequences perfectly with closed captioning for increased accessibility.

We create renders for client review and when the animation is signed off we produce an optimised version, using our specialised production software. It is then ready to be aired on YouTube, uploaded to a website or sharing platform and used for presentations.

‘Building back better’ is a positive and valuable statement. The fact that our short film can promote such an important global response makes us justifiably proud.

Clare Ritchie
Client Services Director, Blackwood


The final film packs in a lot of important information while successfully engaging a diverse audience group. It has been shared externally by each key stakeholder to promote the vital work undertaken by the joint MBD’s in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Peer-to-peer recognition and cross-institutional support are just two of the positive outcomes resulting from increased campaign visibility.