50 years of South South Cooperation


Our latest motion graphic work for the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) highlights the Bank's pivotal role in fostering collaboration among nations of the Global South and beyond.


The IsDB challenged us to encapsulate 50 years of progress, emphasising how South-South Cooperation (SSC) is integral to the Bank’s mission. We had just two minutes to tell this comprehensive story.


Our creative solution featured a dynamic visual timeline using a continuous 3D camera rig. This approach combined legacy photography with new iconography and branded graphics. To align with the Bank’s 50th-anniversary celebrations, we developed a confident blue and gold colour scheme, enhanced by full-colour photography and live video footage.

Expertly paced narration, perfectly synchronised with the on-screen visuals, guided viewers through the history of SSC and its unique mechanism, Reverse Linkage. Our meticulous storyboarding ensured a smooth viewing experience, allowing complex subjects to flow seamlessly through a series of transitions.


The completed film debuted at the Bank’s 2024 Annual Meeting in Riyadh. As the opener for an important stakeholder engagement event, the animation was highly successful, eliciting an enthusiastic response from all delegates.